Chapter 1948

“Fine, you’ve already deleted her contact anyway. That will be the end of that, but please don’t do this again,” Annabeth Cates told her husband. “We’ll discuss it next time then,” Josh Batton replied and then handed his phone over to her again. “How do you plan to speak up for Xyla?” Annabeth directly logged into his Weibo account before forwarding a post by Quest Group. It was a post related to the medicine for leukemia. “Get your facts right before criticizing others. I support Xyla Quest,” she typed. Immediately after that, she turned her attention to Josh. “Will this do?” He still had an affectionate look in his eyes. “As long as you’re fine with it.” “I think it’s fine,” she said confidently before pressing the button to publish the post. Instantly, the comment section under post went wild— “Josh, are you crazy? Things are already getting out of hand. Why are you still supporting Xyla? Don’t you want to live anymore?” “Xyla is selling fake medicine. How could you support

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