Chapter 1946

Those people were expressing dissatisfaction toward Xyla Quest— “The so-called ‘effective medicine for leukemia’ Quest Group just launched is such a joke. I honestly don’t know how dumb a person must be to fall for it.” “Everyone knows that there are limited methods of curing leukemia for now. There are no new methods at all. After all, this is a very serious disease related to one’s blood. I am speechless.” “Even the best experts in the world wouldn’t claim that they can cure leukemia with a single pill. Xyla, honestly… do you need money that badly? I advise everyone not to buy the pill. After all, it doesn’t work.” “As someone who has been researching leukemia for over thirty years, I can tell you that Quest Group’s medicine is a fraud. I hope none of you fall for it.” “I’ve been researching leukemia for fifty years. I can tell you that their so-called recovery cases are all fake. They paid those patients to lie.” The comments from 'experts' were similar, making Xyla feel helpl

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