Chapter 1944

When Annabeth Cates heard what Josh Batton said, she instantly felt her heart swelling with warmth. She could guess what the subject matter was about, despite not hearing the entire conversation. She hastened her steps towards him. When Josh saw her rapid pace, he immediately dashed forward and grabbed her by the arms with a nervous look on his face. Covering his phone with one hand, he gazed at Annabeth in alarm. “What are you doing? Haven’t I told you not to walk up the stairs so fast? What if you end up hurting yourself? How are you going to compensate for that?” “I’ll find a way, I guess,” she answered. “You can’t.” Annabeth was speechless. “Wait for me upstairs. I’m having a chat with Georgie,” Josh said. Knowing Georgie was on the other end of the line, she immediately snatched the phone away from him. “Georgie, are we invited to take part in another couple’s variety show?” “Yes,” Georgie answered truthfully. Annabeth leaned against the railing after hearing this. She

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