Chapter 1941

Annabeth Cates respected the production crew… After watching the entire episode, Annabeth quickly logged into Weibo on her computer. She then rested her head against Josh Batton’s shoulder before naturally opening the list of hot topics. Just as she expected, ‘#Annabeth Cates and Josh Batton on Their Day Together#’ was on the number one spot. Its level of popularity had gone through the roof. There was the word ‘explosive’ behind the topic. Meanwhile, ‘#You’re My Love#’ made it onto the second spot on the list. It was also wildly popular. There was also the word ‘explosive’ behind the topic. Annabeth instantly opened the first topic to look at it. The most recent posts on the topic were published by several marketing accounts. There were short clips of Annabeth and Josh interacting with each other. Meanwhile, Josh’s fans and random netizens commented below those posts— “I’m purely a random netizen. After seeing all this, I’ve become a fan of Josh, the handsome and loving hu

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