Chapter 1931

The things and people Josh Batton thought he couldn’t let go of were eventually replaced by Annabeth Cates’ warmth. As time went on, he soon forgot about his past. Annabeth felt very moved and was a little teary-eyed when she heard his words. At this moment, she felt a tremendous sense of gratitude as she never expected Josh to fall in love so quickly with an ordinary girl like her. Frankly, she was already mentally prepared for him to be forever in love with Xyla because she felt contented enough that a man like Josh was willing to lower his standards and marry her. She was happy even though he might not have been in love with her. Annabeth was surprised, touched, and in great shock and disbelief. The combination of feelings left her unsure of how to react, let alone what to say. At this moment, she was nearly completely petrified. Josh couldn’t help but laugh when he saw his wife in such a state. He reached out and waved his hands in front of her. “Hey, what are you thinking?

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