Chapter 1928

Annabeth Cates couldn’t help but tear up when she heard his answer. Although this wasn’t the first time she heard it, she still felt deeply touched. At this moment, she felt like her heart was melting. Even if he had someone else in his heart, spending the rest of her life with Josh Batton like this wasn’t too bad. She would be content as long as he continued to treat her this way. Although the female reporters were all jealous, they remained professional. “Josh, it looks like you really do adore your wife,” one of the female reporters commented, trying to stay composed and not sound jealous. Josh smiled before taking another look at Annabeth. “Isn’t this how we should treat our wives?” At this point, the female reporters could barely keep themselves together. That was the most divine thing they’d ever heard, making their hearts melt. Who could withstand such sweetness? There was no one among the women that could say they weren’t jealous of Annabeth. ‘Arghh!’ they were scre

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