Chapter 189

Soon after, Georgie Clementine walked in. She was wearing a set of slim women’s suit with a white shirt on the inside. It was the standard outfit of professional beauty. With her new ‘Xin Zhilei hairstyle’, Georgie seemed even more capable and professional. “When did you change your hairstyle?” Xyla Quest asked. “Last night,” Georgie said with a chuckle. After that, Georgie placed a red folder in front of Xyla. “This is the results for the trainee assessments. I just tabulated them. Some of them have been becoming worse for four consecutive months. I am planning to eliminate them. Have a look…” Georgie said. “Got it. Speaking of which, Georgie, tell your subordinates to pay extra attention to Jay Corben. Hmm, not only can this kid sing and dance well, he even knows how to write songs. He also had good looks and a uniquely straightforward personality. I believe he will become someone capable in the future. During the winter break, speak to our partner, Goose Factory, and arrange f

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