Chapter 1899

Sophie Kenwick nodded eagerly, unable to hide her excitement anymore. “Yes, that’s right, I like you a lot. I heard that you are holding a concert soon, isn’t that so? I’ll be there.” “Sure, if you need tickets to the concert, you can get them from Xyla,” Josh Batton replied. “I’ll be getting the tickets soon, and I won’t need her help,” she said. “Okay. Aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asked. As Josh spoke, his orange-scented cologne, accompanied by the cold wind, wafted through the air toward her once again. It made her feel at ease. She instantly stepped aside and made an inviting gesture toward Josh. He never stopped smiling as he stepped inside and changed into a pair of white slippers while hanging his coat by the entrance. Immediately after that, he closed the door and gazed at Sophie. “Let’s go and sit down,” he suggested affectionately. Sophie nodded, leading him to the couch before they both sat down. For some reason, she felt nervous in front of her idol and d

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