Chapter 1885

The moment their eyes met, Sophie Kenwick immediately beamed at Sharon Lindt. Sharon had to admit that the girl was really pretty. Although she wasn’t as good-looking as Xyla Quest, she was still pretty by any standards. It was rare for her to see a girl who was not completely overshadowed next to Xyla. Sophie’s beauty and her sad past made her heart soften even more. On the surface, however, she still looked stern. Sharon nodded slightly at Sophie before pointing at the seat next to her. “Come here.” Sophie nervously grabbed Xyla’s hand and subconsciously glanced at her. Xyla had briefly explained to Sophie all about who Sharon was and why she came here. The younger girl had no idea what Sharon was thinking, except that she didn't like her much. Xyla smiled. “Don’t be afraid. My mother-in-law is a very nice person.” Sophie nodded before taking a seat nervously next to Sharon. “Nice to meet you...umm,” Sophie said hesitantly. “Since you’re Stanley’s adopted sister, you are

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