Chapter 1883

At that point, Sharon Lindt felt deeply troubled and upset. Sophie Kenwick politely nodded at her and smiled before heading upstairs obediently. Still, Sharon had a dark expression on her face, her face remained unsmiling. Stanley Batton calmly walked over to his mother and wife before taking a seat across from them. “Alright, start explaining.” Sharon wanted to see how Stanley would talk his way out of this. Right then, she was looking at him in a way that seemed as if she was a cop interrogating a suspect. The stern gaze made Stanley frown slightly. Stanley raised his brows slightly. “It’s not what you think.” Sharon didn’t say a single word. She had a cold expression on her face that seemed to say, ‘we'll see about that". Stanley pinched his forehead helplessly. “She is my sister. It is not the kind of relationship you imagine. I adopted her a long time ago.” Stories about past lives and reincarnations might be too far-fetched for his mother right then. Even if Stanley e

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