Chapter 1878

Every department in Quest Group was also talking about Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton in their WeChat groups. Many of them unanimously agreed that Stanley had been cheating on his wife. At the same time, another theory began to spread within the company where people believed that the couple only portrayed their relationship in ways that they could market themselves. Privately, they each had their own lives, and things weren’t as rosy as people assumed. Because of how this fitted the status of most upper-class couples, the rumor became widespread. All of a sudden, many people looked down on Xyla. Those who were always envious of her now felt a sense of satisfaction, thinking that the world was fair. Outside, there were strong winds and rain, but within her office, Xyla maintained her usual calm demeanor. Not paying attention to anything outside the window, she focused on reviewing her work documents. After doing so for a while, Xyla finally had some free time. She stood up and

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