Chapter 1862

“Hmm? What’s the matter, Honey?” Stanley Batton asked with a sober expression on his face. “If you have time tomorrow, take Soph to shop for some clothes. She can’t keep wearing my old clothes, can she? I’ll be rather busy during this period, so I won’t have time to go shopping with her,” Xyla Quest explained. Stanley came up with a plan in his mind. “In that case, let’s do it tomorrow afternoon. Are you fine with that, Soph?” “I’m fine wearing Xyla’s old clothes, though,” Sophie answered. “I’ll buy you new ones,” Stanley insisted. Since Sophie was his sister, he would take good care of her. “Okay. Thank you, Brother.” Sophie didn’t feel embarrassed about having her brother buy her clothes as she was used to him pampering her with acts of kindness in the past. So, she accepted his gesture gratefully. “Oh, right. Soph, you don’t have a phone yet. I have a few brand new phones in my room, so you can pick whichever you would like. I’ll teach you how to use it later,” Xyla offered.

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