Chapter 185

The people responsible for the assessment were upper management staff with Georgie Clementine taking the lead. In the video, Georgie sat in the first seat while several other upper management staff sat around her in a long desk. One by one, the trainees walked up to them and began performing without any equipment. Every trainee was physically attractive in the video. Apart from that, they were also competent in what they specialized in. Some of them gave outstanding performances. Halfway through the video, a handsome young man caught her attention. He was wearing a loose black sweater, black pants, a cap over his head, and ear-microphones as he slowly walked up to the upper management staff. Xyla remembered this guy. His name was Jay Corben. Xyla and Georgie had discovered him at a bar. Perhaps due to the training he had received from the company, the guy seemed a lot more in shape. He also seemed to stand out from the others. There was a unique aura about him that none of the other tr

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