Chapter 1849

Stanley Batton was a normal man. To avoid going any further, he pulled Xyla Quest away once again. “I’ll take a shower.” She nodded. “Okay, go ahead.” He then turned around and entered the bathroom, taking a cold shower to calm himself down. After he had left, Xyla sat down on the couch and picked up her laptop. At first, she wanted to get some work done, but after sitting down, she felt exhausted. So, she logged into League of Legends and decided to play a few rounds to relax. She would continue working after dinner. When Xyla logged into the game, she saw that members of Team XS were all online. She didn’t plan on playing with them, so she prepared to play on her own. But before she could choose the game mode, Alex sent her a message. “Boss, you’re finally online!” “Yeah, what are you up to?” she asked. “I’m doing a livestream,” he replied. “Okay, keep it up.” “Do you want to play a match together? I’ll play as your Support. I’m very good at it,” he stated. Right the

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