Chapter 1847

Stanley Batton felt increasingly confused from the depths of his heart. He immediately looked up toward Sophie Kenwick while she cheerfully skipped away. She seemed so familiar from behind, as well. As he gazed at her, an unfamiliar scene appeared before his eyes. He was in a traditional-looking room, where a girl wearing a red silk robe was playing a string instrument with her back to him. The tune she played was the tune Sophie was humming along just then. The unfamiliar scene disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, not giving him enough time to verify that the girl was Sophie. What was going on? Was he hallucinating, or was this part of his forgotten memories? Was that girl in the vision Sophie? If she was, what was the nature of their relationship? When Xyla Quest saw her husband's distraction, she immediately grasped his hand. “Darling, what’s wrong with you? What happened?” she asked softly. Why did he act so strangely after the young girl showed up? She had never se

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