Chapter 1833

The breakfast Xyla Quest requested was fully prepared. The newly purchased square dining table had a spotless white tablecloth over it. Everything seemed pristine and intricate. Xyla walked directly into the dining room, immediately taking her seat when she saw that her breakfast was ready. Picking up her utensils, she began to eat. Meanwhile, Stanley Batton sat next to her while he ate, reading the financial news on his phone. He didn't want to miss anything important in the world of finance. “Darling, I will be going to the national treasury to verify the items. Then, I’ll donate half of them to the country,” Xyla told him. “Okay, as you wish,” he replied. Xyla smiled happily in return. Stanley left promptly after finishing breakfast. She was still enjoying her meal at the dining table when a golden ray of light suddenly appeared in front of her, accompanied by a light scent of incense that filled her nostrils. Xyla immediately knew that Sophie Kenwick was here, and it ma

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