Chapter 1831

Xyla Quest’s hair had a slight rosy fragrance to it, and it repeatedly rubbed against Stanley Batton’s chin, chest, and neck. Stanley began feeling tingling sensations in his body. With such a beautiful woman in his arms, he began to feel aroused to the point of distraction. Sensing his arousal, Xyla immediately blushed. “Do you want me to help you?” “It’s okay, I don’t want you to get too tired. I’ll go take a shower,” Stanley said before getting up to enter the bathroom. Xyla knew very well what he’d gone to do. Suddenly, her face turned extremely red once again. Ever since she’d gotten pregnant, Stanley became even more affectionate toward her. He treated her ever so gently and did everything he could to look after her. He even suppressed his natural urges as a man. Xyla could see everything this man was doing for her. She believed that her husband was truly perfect, and there was nothing for her to pick on. She was lucky to meet someone who was so considerate toward her

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