Chapter 1827

Sophie Kenwick laughed. “Yeah, that is great. However, the god didn’t tell me who my father and kins had reincarnated into due to heavenly secrets and all. “I may not know who they are, but I’m happy enough to know that they lived wonderful lives each time they reincarnated. “Honestly, waiting for you in this dark place was torturous, but thank you for finally coming to me and letting me become human again. Now I can finally see the light… “I am so grateful to you because that god told me that my loved ones would all receive a tremendous blessing after I become human again. “Because of your arrival, they will have even better lives in the future,” Sophie said with an earnest look in her eyes. Xyla couldn’t help herself from reaching out to hold her hands. “What about you? Will your life get better too?” “Yes, as a matter of fact, I’ve acquired immortality," Sophie answered. "I get to live forever.” “That’s pretty nice.” “I don’t think so. All my loved ones are gone. There’s no

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