Chapter 1823

It was so dark that nobody could even see their fingers in front of them. Everybody started talking at once... many even screamed out loud. Overwhelmed with fear once again, a strange force suddenly lifted Xyla Quest, her body flying forward rapidly. It happened so fast that she couldn’t react in time. She could not even cry for help, even if she wanted to. It felt as if there was a restriction in her throat that stopped her from making any sound. Her body floated in the air and moved forward as if she was in outer space where gravity no longer existed. The darkness intensified feelings of fear, and at this very moment, Xyla had never been more scared. Her heart was also beating faster and faster as if it would soon leap out of her chest. The strong sense of fear caused her mind to go blank. Right then, Xyla felt that she had lost complete control of her body, where a strange force was whirling her around like a spinning top in the air. And then, her body stopped mid-air. W

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