Chapter 181

“Emily, I’ve got an idea,” May Conner said as a sly look appeared in her eyes. She looked around at the living room to check if anyone was near. “What is it?” Emily Quest moved her head a little closer to May. *** Still full of anger, Jeremy Quest walked all the way to Xyla Quest’s house and stopped in front of the door. Since it felt suffocating to stay in his own house, Jeremy did not want to go back for now. Therefore, he thought of spending the night in his elder daughter’s home. Now, Xyla’s home was the only safe and warm place for him. Jeremy pressed the doorbell. “Ding-dong… Ding-dong…” Xyla and Stanley Batton were still eating in the dining room. When they heard the doorbell, Stanley was the first to stand up. “I’ll get the door,” he said. “Let me do it. You can continue eating,” Xyla stood up directly before walking over to the entrance area. She looked at the monitor to see who it was. When Xyla saw her father’s face, she was a little taken aback. She had not expec

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