Chapter 1817

Xyla Quest rather enjoyed the spectacle. Right then, another white helicopter landed not too far away from her, where up to a hundred men and women of various ages disembarked. They approached Xyla in an organized manner. A middle-aged man, who wore a white down coat over black overalls, led the team. He immediately extended a hand toward Xyla as soon as he saw her. “It's nice to meet you, Ms. Quest. I’m Brian Comb.” Xyla recognized Brian Comb as a renowned archeologist. “This is my team of archeologists,” Brian said, then proceeded to introduce Xyla to each of his team members. She could recognize each of their names as experienced professionals in the field. Xyla was very grateful to the President for sending these experts over. After the introductions, Brian could no longer hide his excitement anymore. “Ms. Quest, can we go down and have a look now? The President told me that you’ve found a lot of rare treasures from ancient times, and I would like to have a look.” Discove

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