Chapter 1815

“Okay,” Xyla Quest said. “Be a good girl, and I’d give you my life,” Stanley Batton said. Xyla nodded repeatedly. Her eyes turned even redder. “All right, I’ll be a good girl. Darling, I called you because I have another request.” A curious look appeared in Stanley’s eyes. “Do you need my help to bring men over to guard the underground palace?” He could figure out what his wife had in mind even before she said it. “Yes, that’s it.” “That won’t be a problem. I’ll get the president to send you an army,” Stanley agreed as if sending an army was as simple as wearing clothes or having a meal. ‘That’s an entire army.’ Xyla thought to herself. There’d be at least ten thousand troops. Moreover, this wasn’t something an ordinary person could accomplish. “Won’t that be too many?” Xyla asked. “Not at all… leave it to me,” he assured her. “You’ll probably also need professional logistics assistance, too?” “Yeah,” Xyla answered. “I’ll get you a team of experts,” Stanley replied calmly

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