Chapter 1808

The second room was also full of rare treasures, even more than the first one Xyla Quest had entered. Before she could even properly admire them, arrows fired towards her from all directions. She tensed, despite knowing the arrows couldn’t hurt her. Paying close attention to her surroundings, Xyla managed to dodge all the arrows as they brushed past her shoulders. They missed her only to lodge between gaps on the wall. After ten minutes of arrows being fired, it finally quietened down. Xyla quickly activated her penetrating vision to ensure the coast was clear before she walked into the room before her. Apart from more pearls, gold, jade artifacts, and gemstones, there were various antique vases of different designs. Xyla didn’t have time to dwell on them as she walked past those treasures to another wall before repeating her earlier method and avoiding another barrage of arrows. Just like that, another wall moved to reveal a room filled with more gold bars, precious gemstones,

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