Chapter 1797

Xyla Quest didn’t pay any more attention to Mary Sullivan. Instead, she slowly shifted her gaze to the bottomless pit of the mine. Frederick Shaw looked helplessly at her. “You’re very stubborn, young lady.” “I guess so,” she said. “You’ll suffer for not listening to more experienced folks,” Frederick said. “I believe in my judgment. Besides, suffering can be a blessing in disguise sometimes,” Xyla said. Frederick shook his head helplessly again. Shortly after, he began chatting with Xyla about his knowledge associated with jade mining. Due to her strong interest in the topic, she paid careful attention. While they were conversing, Mary and Cain Hollander eventually made it to the peak, hand in hand. Mary stood behind Xyla as she panted, pressing both hands against her kneecap. “I heard the experts telling you there’s nothing down there, but you still insist on digging further. Xyla, confidence is great, but being over-confident isn’t a good thing,” Mary mocked as she looked

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