Chapter 178

“What?” Stanley Batton asked as he slowly shifted his gaze to Xyla Quest’s face. “Are you really planning on not accepting the money in WeChat?” Xyla was determined to return the money to Five Batton. “I don’t want it,” Stanley answered without hesitation. As soon as he finished speaking, Xyla reached out to his phone so that she could accept the money on his behalf. However, before she could even touch the phone, Stanley reflexively raised his phone high into the air. “Can you not behave like this?” Xyla asked in softly as she frowned helplessly. “No,” Stanley said before letting go of the phone. Immediately, the phone began falling. Stanley was able to catch it with his other hand. He then unlocked the phone with a single hand before he continued to read the news. It happened so quickly, almost as if Stanley did not even need to think about it. Xyla was amazed by how Stanley was able to move so agilely. It was the first time she had seen something like this. This man in fron

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