Chapter 1789

Moreover, Xyla Quest’s memories were unusually clear. She thought that Cornelius Kroe perhaps didn’t intend to wipe her memories away. Ever since she left Terrarium Peak, a lot of questions had been on her mind. Too many questions needed answers. She wanted to know why Cornelius set up a temple there. She also wanted to find out why Cornelius wiped away everyone’s memories except for hers and Stanley Batton’s. On top of that, Xyla also wanted to know why Cornelius gave them the talisman when he’d said he wouldn’t help them. What were those magic symbols for? There were too many questions on Xyla’s mind. The questions were like a spiderweb that wrapped around her brain. “Are you hungry?” Stanley asked. Xyla shook her head. “No…” She didn’t have any appetite right now. “In that case, shall we go back to my office? We’ll see if you want to eat then,” Stanley said. “Okay…” Xyla wasn’t in the mood for work either. She just wanted to stay with Stanley. She’d feel safe wherever

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