Chapter 1787

Back when Xyla Quest’s father returned home with the painting, she did have her suspicions. For some reason, she felt that the emperor didn’t look like those on television or in other paintings… That emperor was unusually thin. It completely changed her mind about what an emperor should look like… Back then, her impression of emperors was plump-looking men. When Xyla thought of this, she shuddered and turned to look at Stanley Batton’s face. “I… I think he must be a god…” Stanley raised his brows. “Why are you so sure?” he asked as he looked at Xyla. Xyla immediately told Stanley about how her father acquired a painting of the emperor from a monk. “Back then, the monk said that the emperor entered his dream… After waking up, the monk drew the emperor’s portrait so that he wouldn’t forget it… “When I was a kid, I felt that the monk’s dream was ridiculous. I felt that the monk only made up the story my father told me… “But from the way things look now, this might have been the t

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