Chapter 1785

As for what this magic symbol was for, Xyla Quest had no idea. Xyla looked at the space before her, confused. “Chief Kroe… What’s this for?” However, she didn’t get any reply from Cornelius Kroe. Xyla knew that he wasn’t going to answer her. Stanley Batton slowly picked up the talisman and examined them repeatedly. However, he couldn’t understand what they were either. “I think these are probably good for us. Let’s just keep them with us,” Xyla said as she looked at Stanley. Stanley slowly nodded… After that, Xyla carefully folded the talisman and put them in her coat’s pocket. She then held Stanley’s hand and left the room with questions on her mind. Once the two had left the room, they reluctantly walked out of the temple with their bodyguards. They were clear about Cornelius’ thoughts. He had made up his mind not to tell them anything. Moreover, they also couldn’t resolve what they were about to encounter. Hence, they decided just to leave and not keep bugging him. Wh

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