Chapter 1782

It was a temple. From the outside, the place looked very run-down. It didn’t occupy a lot of space… It was at least half the size of an ordinary temple. There was a black signboard above the temple’s main entrance. The words ‘Terrarium Peak’ were written in capital fonts on the signboard. Right then, there was a monk sweeping snow by the entrance. He was a middle-aged man. He was dressed like a classic monk. The broom he held was the most ancient kind of broom… When the monk saw Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton, he immediately bowed to them. The monk was very thin. There was a fairy-like aura around him. Meanwhile, Xyla, Stanley, and the bodyguards quickly bowed to the monk. Soon, the monk approached them. “Why are you here?” he asked. “I have an appointment with Chief Cornelius Kroe… I need to discuss something with him…” Stanley said. “Please come with me…” The monk respectfully bowed to them again. After that, he led them into the temple… Xyla didn’t say anything. Ins

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