Chapter 176

“Five Batton, don’t force me to take out cash from the ATM.” Xyla was adamant about returning the money. Giving no response, he continued to push the cart forward as if there was a barrier around him, shutting everyone out. Once at home, the two unpacked everything they bought, putting them in their rightful places. After that, they sat on the snow-white carpet, taking the cleaning robots out of their boxes and putting one on each floor. When everything was done, both returned to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Stanley took out his phone, opened up the Gentleman’s Club chat room, and read the chat records with an impassive look on his face. Once inside, he saw himself tagged in dozens of messages. More than ten of them were only tags without content. Frowning slightly, he kept his composure as he continued to scroll up. Only then did he finally realize what they were talking about and why they were so excited. Slender fingers swiftly typed in words. “… any

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