Chapter 1768

Xyla Quest could feel a ball of warm fuzziness… That thing was even breathing… Its soft body rose and fell repeatedly. Xyla could even hear its breath. Suddenly, Xyla felt chills down her spine. She immediately pulled away and sat upright before looking at the thing next to her… However, she was surprised by what she saw. There was nothing in front of her… Only the white bedsheet could be seen. After looking around, Xyla still didn’t see anything… What was going on? Could she have been hallucinating earlier because she had just woken up? However, something didn’t feel right… The sensation felt so real. The warmth and fuzzy sensations in her palm weren’t fake. She could still remember those sensations clearly. Xyla quickly got out of bed and searched the room. She even checked behind the curtains. However, she couldn’t find anything. She returned to the bed barefooted with a deep frown on her face and confusion in her heart. In the next second, she quickly thought of

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