Chapter 1760

Immediately after that, Cody Lancaster sat down too… All the madness had come to an end. People who were watching the show couldn’t resist rolling their eyes at that woman. “Did she really think her boyfriend was invincible?” “What a joke. What is her boyfriend compared to the Armstrong family?” “This time, she’s offended Henry’s girlfriend. That means offending Henry himself. If things get blown out of proportion, her boyfriend will surely dump her.” “Exactly. There are plenty more women like her. If things get that far, she can’t avoid being dumped…” People around started whispering among themselves. Suddenly, the woman felt even more embarrassed. When she heard them talking about how her boyfriend might dump her, she became even more panicked. It was true… If things got out of hand, her life was over. She quickly walked up to Georgie Clementine and kneeled in front of her while ignoring everyone’s gazes. “Sorry… I was wrong… “Please forgive me…” The woman said. At this

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