Chapter 1753

“Hmm… A little…” Xyla Quest said. Stanley Batton shook his head helplessly. “What should I do with you?” Xyla thought deeply for a few seconds before cackling like a child. “Spoil me.” Stanley also thought deeply for a few seconds. He then nodded earnestly. “Yes, that makes sense…” Seeing how serious he looked, Xyla couldn’t resist laughing. Xyla realized that she’d been acting more and more like a child ever since she and Stanley started living together. In the beginning, she still behaved like a mature wife. However, she no longer behaved like a wife at all. She was becoming increasingly lazier. She also became increasingly dependent on Stanley in daily life. Moreover, she did it without feeling an ounce of guilt. In the past, when Stanley did everything, and she did nothing, she would still feel guilty. However, even if Stanley did everything and helped wash her hands now, she no longer felt that way… In fact, she felt like she deserved it. She acted just like a child

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