Chapter 1745

They were thinking of the nine-tailed fox demon. Suddenly, Xyla Quest thought of something… She sat upright and looked at Stanley Batton. “Honey… Are you asleep?” Xyla asked. Stanley slowly opened his eyes. “Hmm, not yet…” “Did you give Professor Caines all the fox fur?” Xyla asked. “Yeah. What’s the matter?” Stanley asked. “I suddenly thought of something…” Xyla said. “What is it?” Stanley asked. “When I use my special vision, I can see an object’s history…” Xyla said. “Do you think I could do so too if I use my special vision on the fox fur? “If I could, I’d be able to see what happened to the fox before it lost its fur, as well as what it looked like… “Perhaps, I might even be able to see the fox’s past… “Although I’m fairly certain that the nine-tailed fox from my dreams was the one that hurt our maid… I still want to use my special vision to find out… I want to see if it’s possible to look into this nine-tailed fox’s past,” Xyla said. One could only win a fight by kn

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