Chapter 173

After lunch, Xyla Quest drove Stanley Batton to Goldfield Plaza in her sports car. Soon, the couple managed to purchase the cleaning robots they needed. After their purchase, they moved the goods into the car. It was bright, sunny, and cloudless outside. Such a day without snowfall was one of the rare good days in winter. After closing the fully stuffed car boot, Xyla turned to him and said, “I’ll go to the supermarket to get some dish soap. You can wait for me in the car.” “I’ll go with you.” Moving his long slender legs, he simply strode to the supermarket’s entrance on the first floor and got into the elevator. Xyla said nothing but quickly followed after him. A good looking couple was exceptionally eye-catching. “If I had a boyfriend like that, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep because I’ll be staring at his face until I die.” “This guy looks like my idol, Josh Batton, but I think he’s even more handsome than Josh. My goodness, this girl is too fortunate!” “Th

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