Chapter 1737

“I’ll get it for you right away,” the sales assistant said respectfully. After that, she quickly went to the cashier and retrieved an orange bag with a Hermes logo before handing it over to Stanley… There was an intricately packaged gift box inside the bag… “Okay,” Stanley Batton said before looking around… Since he didn’t see any item he fancied buying, he turned around and exited the store… Right then, he heard a group of managerial staff in the mall running up to the Hermes store’s entrance like madmen. When these people saw Stanley, they lined up neatly in a row and bowed to him respectfully. “Greetings, Mr. Batton…” They shouted simultaneously. “Why are you here?” Stanley asked. “Someone downstairs informed us that you’re here. That’s why we quickly came over. Are you personally here to buy something?” The mall’s young, handsome general manager asked respectfully with his head lowered. The huge formation attracted a lot of attention… Stanley frowned slightly. “Okay.” “Do

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