Chapter 1732

“I was driving properly on the road. What’s wrong with you? How could you do this to me…” Cindy Dunn continued to act innocent. To make herself seem righteous, she even pretended to be angry. A beautiful woman looked good even when she was angry. All sorts of emotions were expressed through microexpressions on her face. One of the bodyguards looked sternly at Cindy. “Where are you headed to?” “What does that have anything to do with you? Do you own this road?” Cindy frowned coldly. The bodyguard was speechless. “If you don’t stop, I’m going to call the cops…” Cindy said. The bodyguard remained stern. He didn’t believe her at all. “Speak. Where are you headed to?” “I’m going to City S…” Cindy said. “I doubt you’ve just happened to be following us… If I didn’t remember wrongly, you were behind us back in the city…” The bodyguard said. Cindy pinched her forehead helplessly. “In the city? When was that? Oh, right… It’s a coincidence. What’s the matter?” “Show me your identity ca

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