Chapter 1730

When Brenda Stratford heard what Cindy Dunn said, she immediately glared at Cindy. “How could you say something like that? If the president’s wife heard you, you’ll be in deep trouble…” Cindy chuckled coldly. After that, she slowly opened her drawer and retrieved her Lamer concealer. She slowly applied it onto her face using a mirror. “I’m speaking the truth. There isn’t a man in this world who wouldn’t cheat. But, if there was, it’d only be because the woman wasn’t his type… “If she were his type, he wouldn't even hesitate… That’s all,” Cindy said before raising her hands and laughing hysterically… Brenda rolled her eyes. “Tsk… Go on, be sour about it… I think you’re just jealous.” “Jealous? I’m not…” Cindy said. Cindy was never jealous of anyone. If somebody had something she wanted, she wouldn’t stay silent about it. Instead, she would fight for it. Fortunately, luck had always been on her side. She’d always get what she wanted. Other people would be jealous of her inste

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