Chapter 1714

One of the family’s maids stood outside the door, her face covered in blood… Upon taking a closer look, Xyla Quest could see that her right eye was injured. The maid kept her right eye closed tightly. Blood continued to flow from the corner of her right eye. It was a horrifying sight… Meanwhile, the maid’s other eye was filled with a look of horror. It seemed as if she had just experienced something terrifying. Xyla quickly opened the door. “What on earth happened to you?” Xyla asked as she looked worriedly at the maid. The maid pointed at the garden behind her while she panted. “I… I was sweeping snow off the cobblestone walkway in the garden. Then, suddenly, something came out from the bush…” Tortured by the intense pain, the maid was trembling all over. Her voice was very soft too. There was a thick layer of cold sweat on her forehead. She looked like a flower that could fall off a cliff at any moment. “After that, it crawled onto my face and scratched my right eye… Aft

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