Chapter 1711

Jay Corben sported a very short hairstyle. Since he was going to take part in an event later, he had on very light makeup. He wore a short, black, casual jacket with a loose white T-shirt on the inside, as well as a pair of black ripped jeans and black boots. Having worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, Jay seemed much more confident. He also had a strong presence. However, his cool, bad-boy vibe hadn’t changed at all. Morty Wayne wore a loose denim jacket and a loose white T-shirt on the inside. Likewise, he also wore a pair of black jeans and camel-colored boots… Since he was also going to participate in an event, he also had on a similar styled makeup. In terms of the overall style, Morty seemed much gentler than Jay. Morty also seemed much more confident and composed than before. However, his youthfulness hadn’t changed at all. The two of them naturally walked together after getting out of their vans. They walked toward the entrance side by side. Behind t

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