Chapter 1708

Xyla Quest saw Betty Starmount’s pretty face. Xyla immediately opened the door and stepped forward to look at Betty. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. I just wanted to ask you if you’d come home for breakfast. I made a lot of delicious food. You didn’t pick up when I called earlier. That’s why I came over…” Betty said. Betty’s tone was as gentle as she was as a person. Although Betty didn’t have any makeup on, she was still charming. “I might have accidentally set my phone on silent mode. That’s why I didn’t hear you calling. I was about to call home earlier to say that I won’t be going for breakfast this morning… I want to eat the pork rib noodles my husband made…” Xyla said. A look of disappointment briefly appeared in Betty’s eyes. “Oh… Forget it… Next time then… Oh, right. I made you some bird’s nest. I’ll bring it over to you later…” Xyla shook her head. “It’s fine… I don’t feel like having any today. You can keep it for yourself and my father.” “Oh… Alright then. Are you coming h

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