Chapter 1703

Regardless of how many people were around Xyla Quest, she remained elegant… Something about the calmness in her eyes made it apparent she was used to major scenes like this. After finishing what she wanted to say, Xyla handed the microphone over to Bobby Cates… Bobby grabbed the microphone and looked cautiously at the reporters. “Our family is delighted about this wedding… Annabeth is lucky to marry into the Batton family. So we’re all happy for her.” After that, Bobby frantically passed the microphone back to Stanley. “Xyla… We just found out that your ex, Tom Sullivan, had been sentenced to five years in prison for taking drugs and offering them to others. He’s currently in a rehab center in Atlantis for his treatment. However, once his treatment is done, he’ll be sent to prison. Do you have anything to say to this?” a female reporter asked Xyla… However, Xyla smiled slightly and looked at her. “I have nothing to say. Everyone needs to be responsible for their actions. Once a m

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