Chapter 1701

It all felt new to Annabeth Cates. “If you talk about the Cates family behind their backs again, I won’t let you off the hook,” Xyla Quest warned. Although her voice was soft, her tone was firm. “…” The two women nodded respectfully but remained silent. When Annabeth heard this, she could immediately guess why Xyla was upset. Suddenly, she felt extremely grateful on the inside. The better she got to know Xyla, the more she understood why Stanley Batton and Josh Batton were head over heels in love with her. That was because Xyla wasn’t only good-looking, but she was also an upright person. Even Annabeth herself, despite being a woman, was soon falling for Xyla, let alone the two men. Xyla was a good-looking, fit, upright, generous, intelligent, and well-educated lady from a wealthy family. Who wouldn’t like her? Xyla wasn’t an ordinary girl like Annabeth could compare to. When Xyla lifted her head, she saw Annabeth looking at her like a fangirl who was stunned in place. Seein

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