Chapter 1699

The Cates family members were very close to Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton. The two of them could see their every move. Although they were from a different social class, and they didn’t behave like Xyla and Stanley… Xyla was still quite fond of them because they seemed genuine. They didn’t seem like people from the upper class who often pretended to be people they weren’t. These folks seemed ordinary and natural. After smiling a little, Xyla picked up the glass of red wine in front of her. Stanley also picked up a glass of wine. The two clinked glasses. The purplish red liquid in the glass swirled slightly when their glasses clinked. Then, just like a dazzling jewel, the glass emitted an elegant light. After taking a single gulp, they could taste the fragrance. In the next second, Xyla naturally rested her head on Stanley’s shoulder. Josh Batton and Annabeth Cates had started dancing again… They were the most eye-catching couple on the dance floor. Meanwhile, Xyla’s gaze a

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