Chapter 168

“Zack must have told you what needs to be said, right?” asked Wilson, sounding grave. “Yeah,” Stanley answered calmly, showing no emotional disturbance in his tone. “There’s something important that I forgot to ask Zack to pass on to you, so I’ll say it now. If there’s something you don’t understand while spending time with my daughter-in-law, remember to ask me. No one’s better at love than I am.” His tone was filled with confidence, like a certain dopey Mr. President. Stanley slowly huffed out a mouthful of smoke. “… Got it.” “You stupid brat. I always thought you were gay, and was even mentally prepared for you to bring Zack home and announce your relationship with him,” said Wilson. He was not shy to speak his mind. Stanley held his forehead in defeat. In his heart, he wondered how could such a straight man like him be gay? When Zack, who was standing beside Stanley, heard what Wilson said, his lips started twitching as he reconsidered his life choices. Exactly what was

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