Chapter 1681

However, there were already more than three million shares, likes, and comments below it. Josh Batton was forever receiving the greatest amount of attention— “I feel bad for those two who couldn’t recognize Josh. If I were them, I would’ve knocked my head against a wall.” “Josh is really handsome. He still looks good despite having his photo taken by a random person on the street…” “He’s still so striking without any makeup on and without being photoshopped. Josh, I’m sure nobody would disagree if I said you are the most handsome person in the entertainment industry.” “Ahh… He’s every woman’s dream. I want to be in Annabeth’s place. D*mn… Annabeth, I’m very jealous of you. Give Josh back to me…” “I really hope Josh will have a daughter with Annabeth. I heard that daughters tend to take after their father. If that’s true, we’d have another beauty in the world.” The fans’ words were all laden with a passionate love for Josh and jealousy toward Annabeth Cates. Although there were

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