Chapter 1677

“A pregnant woman shouldn’t consume these things… It’s not healthy,” Josh Batton said. However, Annabeth Cates looked pitifully at Josh. “Can’t I have it just once? I haven’t had it for a few months now. I really miss it,” she said softly. Seeing how pitiful Annabeth seemed, Josh’s heart softened. “Is it that good?” Annabeth nodded. “They are the best skewers in the world,” she said. “Fine… You can have them,” Josh said. After that, Josh casually held her hand, and their fingers interlocked. Then, he steered with his other hand. “Where is it? Lead the way…” “Turn left at the junction further ahead. There’s a small neighborhood known as Whittingham. Once we reach the neighborhood, the store will be in there,” Annabeth said. “Alright,” Josh said. Josh followed Annabeth’s directions, and they soon arrived at the store in Whittingham. The black Bentley and a few Mercedes-Benzes as well as BMWs stopped in front of the neighborhood’s entrance. Outside the small, run-down neighborho

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