Chapter 1672

There was a saying that poor people would be ignored, while rich people would be approached by the most distant of relatives. Annabeth Cates could finally relate to this. Back when they were poor, very few people visited them during festive seasons apart from close relatives… On top of that, very few people would take the initiative to call and ask them how they were doing. People did anything to avoid them… That was because they were poor. Hence, everyone was afraid that they would try to borrow money from them. Now that Annabeth was in a relationship with Josh, everyone felt that she had gotten rich. All of them wanted to get closer to her family now… At this moment, Annabeth couldn’t help but sigh at how materialistic people were. Up until now, she still couldn’t forget the condescending looks on her relatives’ faces when her parents went for family gatherings. Annabeth also couldn’t forget how her ex-classmates looked down on her when she joined them at reunion parties. Ov

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