Chapter 1670

Peggy Howards was out of breath as she looked at the Batton family. “Are you tired?” she asked. Sharon Lindt immediately shook her head. “Not at all…” “That’s great…” Peggy said. After saying that, Peggy quickly opened the front door. “Please come in, Ms. Lindt, Mr. Batton, and Josh. Our house is small and run-down. I hope you won’t mind…” Peggy said. “Why would we?” Wilson Batton said. After that, Annabeth Cates and Peggy led them into the house. Once everyone had changed into slippers, Annabeth led the Batton family into the living room. Their house was tiny as it was only sixty square feet in total. Hence, the living room was very small. It also had a simple design, with only white paint on the walls and white tiles on the floor. Due to years of wear and tear, the tiles had already turned slightly yellowish. Sharon was taken aback by the state of the house. After looking around, Sharon sat down with Wilson and Josh Batton. Due to her busy work schedule, Annabeth hadn’t b

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