Chapter 1667

Besides, Sharon Lindt felt that Annabeth Cates must have been thinking the same thing. “Also, you’ve lived such a dark and horrid life in this small town for the longest time. I believe you’d want to leave this place for a new one, don’t you?” Sharon asked. Her words gradually tempted Cindy Schumer… However, Cindy’s pride and ego were still urging her not to agree. “Cindy, to be honest, I think Aunt Lindt’s suggestion is a good one…” Annabeth felt convinced too. “Alright, it’s been decided… Let’s not talk about this further. As for which job you’ll take up, we’ll arrange it once you get to Atlantis,” Sharon said irrefutably. “It’s really fine…” Cindy shook her head again. “Weren’t you very thankful to us for helping you? If that’s the case, you must do as we say. Otherwise, we won’t help you…” Sharon insisted. Suddenly, Cindy couldn’t find the words to respond… She felt caught in the middle. “It’s been decided,” Wilson Batton chipped in. Seeing how the Batton family acted,

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